What is the new Call of Duty Game?

The Data behind the sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been very disheartening to Infinite Warfare fans. The game has received massive compilations of wide ranging critcism. Most of the most popular complaints have been issues about the power of the guns and the movement system. Players have become more and more frustrated with the jetpack movement and are migrating away from Call of Duty because of it. Other players are opting away from buying the new infinite warfare game because the time to kill for many guns has increased. In totality of the criticism, many people are simply getting word that this game is not worth buying and are not getting the new game simply because of the negative word of mouth. To clear up the mess of criticism, (and actually champion the support of the new game), this article will answer the question, what is the new call of duty game?

what is the new call of duty game?

Guns: Some of the most notable differences between infinite warfare and call of duty games from the past is the damage from the gun, and the sound of the gun firing. The damage with Infinite Warfare really puts a heavy emphasis on hitting opposing players in the head to get a kill. The sound of the guns also sound more like lasers from halo than realistic bullets.

Maps: The major difference between the new call of duty game as far as maps are concerned is that most of these maps are very small. There are a few exceptions such as retaliation, mayday, (maybe) preccint, but for the most part these maps are really small, especially skydock, fronteir, and genesis. For a guide on infinite warfare maps read more here, ->
Specialist/Payload: Infinite Warfare unveiled a ton more options for specialists. There are about twice as many payload decisions to choose from in Infinite Warfare, as well as powerful payloads, you also have the decision to choose between unique additional perks with your combat rig. The specialist weapons in Infinite Warfare are very powerful, especially in short range fights. Black ops 3 players who really liked the scythe now have the option to use the steel dragon, the purifier has become the claw/equalizer, and many other payloads from black ops 3 are still in Infinite Warfare such as kinetic armour, overdrive, and others. Gravity spikes has been nerfed in Infinite Warfare and is now a side perk in addition to payload called shockwave.

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Connection: One of the biggest problems with the new call of duty game is connection problems. Many players have taken to the forums to detail their complaints with the connection. Many players are also worried about purchasing the DLC map packs because they are worried the connection will be terrible. Black Ops 3 had notably great connection.

Graphics: The graphics in Infinite Warfare are pretty amazing. The next generation graphics have all sorts of great features and the new DLC packs offer unique features to call of duty such as randomly appearing cars and kills “polygon”-izing players.

Movement: The movement system is very similar to black ops 3 except for the jetpack seems to recharge a little faster. There are many maps where wall running is very important.

Playlists: Infinite Warfare features a new frontline game mode where there are two bases on each side of the map where players have increased health. Infinite Warfare also recently added a new boots on the ground game mode with tactical TDM.

Prototype Lab: One of the biggest new features to the new call of duty game, Infinite Warfare has been the prototype lab. Activision has added this to let players future customize their gun options. The weapon variants offer all sorts of attachments and additional perks that enhance guns. Some variants also add the infamous nuclear strike to the game.

Hopefully this answers your question, what is the new call of duty game? Please check out the rest of killstreak300x.com if you want infinite warfare tips and tricks. Thank you for reading!

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