Infinite Warfare Maps: Throwback

In this picture you can see that this map also offers opportunities for snipers.

Throwback is one of my favorite maps on infinite warfare. The coolest part of this map is that is has so many buildings with many different entry points. The design of this map is bug spray to campers and allows for the coveted fast gameplay some adrenaline driven call of duty players are in heavy pursuit of. This map is perfect for racking up tons of kills in a very short amount of time. This is a great map for close range weapons that unleash hell very quickly such as shotguns or sub machine guns. I definitely recommend using the claw or equalizer on this map. Many people are hooked on ping, but I think that the combat burst that comes with the equalizer can be very helpful on throwback. Moving fast at throwback will turn you into a total monster.

The Design of the Map:

This map features two long passageways, one with a decline valley that can be very dangerous for close range weapon users to travel down. The middle of the map features many different entry points that can easily facilitate a more defense style of play. There is a subway in the middle that joins the two opposite initial spawn points, expect danger here!

I hope this review helped you do better on throwback, to learn more about the terminal map read here,

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