You should Use Drone Package to get more Kills

Overpowered Drone Packages

As complaints are racking up on the call of duty infinite warfare forums, now may be the best time to run with the drone package killstreak before it is nerfed. Many players have reported receiving massive killstreaks in drone packages such as the RC8, AP3X, Thor, etc. The probability of getting these streaks from a care package is currently very high and can be a great way to boost your score if you are struggling to find success with call of duty infinite warfare. According to the popular forum poster, Brian25savannah, (Level 42 on call of duty forums), “We were in a tight game last night and it was tied 85-85 on Genesis and the other team gets an AP3X from a care package. If anything that one streak needs to be removed from drone packages. Other ones can at least be taken out but that thing just wrecks people, especially on small maps.” Many highly skilled players are immensely irritated by the drone package drop rate. Will you use the drone package? Does the drone package need to be nerfed? Please let us know what you think in the comments, thanks for reading!

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