Infinite Warfare Maps: Terminal

This article is a review of the popular map terminal. Since it is a map that is so popular amongst players, it is frequently voted on for games, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to start with the map edition of this infinite warfare blog with terminal. Terminal is a remake of the popular modern warfare 2 map, terminal…

This map is predominately indoors and therefore is not the best map for the use of aerial assault kill streaks. The map has a very big open room that can be very dangerous to waltz right into. If you are going to be entering this big room in the back of the map where you enter the plane, it is advised to go the back route through the ticket sales center. If you hit that right turn after crossing the room with the desk and gift shop, you are sure to die. Entering the plane can be very deadly as well, it is advised to toss a grenade or flash bang in there before entering as there are frequently campers sitting behind these corners waiting for you. It may also be smart to enter with some prefer, although I only advise this if you are using a weapon silencer. The infinite warfare remake of the map terminal changes the way this map is traditionally played with the jetpack movement system. There will frequently be snipers overhead the room with the staircase across the plane, you can slide to the base of this roof and then boost up there, surprising everybody with an explosion of shotgun bullets from hell!!!

This is one of my favorite maps to play at and I hope these tips have helped you play better at terminal.

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