Advice from KSBPlays 51-3 Team Deathmatch

51-3 Team Deathmatch on Call of duty Infinite Warfare – My tips!

Hello everyone, first, let me just quickly introduce myself. My name is Kriss and I upload videos to YouTube that consist of gameplays from a variety of games. This gameplay I have for you here today is spectacular, so you’re going to want to both read this article and watch the game! So, I’m going to be going through how I managed to achieve such a score, what tips I can give to anyone who wants to improve their game, get a load more kills and generally die less.

As stated in the title, we are playing Team Deathmatch on Call of duty Infinite Warfare. I’m going to give a brief rundown of my weapon, the map and my scorestreaks. I’m using the KBar-32 – String Theory with Quickdraw (faster Aim down sights) Foregrip (reduced recoil) and Stock (better mobility). The perks I was using were Ghost, Hardline, scavenger and Dead Silence. Scorestreaks were UAV, Scorchers and the beast that is the Warden. The map is called Precinct, best for an assault rifle as the map offers plenty of mid-long range encounters – the KBar-32 is perfect for this map.

So, now getting into the gameplay. I’m going to walk you through the steps I take and why.

Firstly, spawning by the petrol station, I always rush straight forward to the stairs. This is because 9 times out of 10, multiple enemies will come through trying to pick people off as they cross. The centre area of the map is a high traffic area, positioning yourself where you can view these areas will benefit you greatly for kills. I manage to pick up 4 kills and get my UAV right off the bat, this then helped me get to my next set of streaks. When the UAV is up, play more aggressive to locate your next target, HOWEVER, when you get near, wait for the enemy to come to you. You will more than likely win the gun fight as you are anticipating the enemy to come out.

After getting a kill, I usually try to get behind cover. This is so I am safe should another enemy try to pick me off as I reload. Try to stick around the part of the map you know the enemy is spawning in (you can try to guess this by seeing where your team mates are, and looking for the spare space on the mini map). If you are in enemy spawn, don’t rush about too much, let them come to you. The mini map can be your greatest ally, use it to your advantage! Try to stick to the outskirts of every map, if you don’t find enemies to kill where you are, keep pushing around the edges of the map.

My tips for winning gun fights are simple, expect anyone to come out at you at any time! If you’re expecting, your reaction times will be faster, meaning you have a higher chance of winning the gun fight! Get used to using the boost Jump my friends! You are more likely to win a gun fight if you make yourself a harder target to hit, this will take a bit of practice to keep your aim still. This is only advised in close quarters, try strafing left to right when shooting from long range. But should you master this technique, you will get a lot less deaths and a ton more kills! All of this of course comes with practice. Don’t be disheartened if you are not able to do amazingly straight away. Stay focused, play smart and use what you have around you to your advantage (head glitches etc.)

Anyway, guys that is it for my tips and comments on this fantastic gameplay! I have been KSBPlays, if you have enjoyed this article and gameplay, please do checkout my YouTube channel and hit the Subscribe button! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see when my next videos are coming out! Thank you very much for giving this a read. I hope it does help you!


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