What are the best gun upgrades?

As many who are getting familiar with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare can tell you, epic guns can be expensive, hell, even legendary guns can seem to have a hefty price tag. I know that most players have a gun that they stick to with the utmost dedication, but before rushing into spending all of your hard earned salvage on the most upgraded version of your favorite gun, consider these other popular guns that some of the best players spend their salvage on.

Nuclear Variant

The Nuclear Variant option can be very lucrative, if you are a complete beast at Infinite Warfare. There is nothing more satisfying in call of duty then unleashing a tactical nuke after an immensely elusive 25 kill streak.

These guns have nuclear variant at the legendary option:

Mauler (Ruin)

NV4 (Fallout)

EBR-800 (Purge)

DCM-8 (Purifier)

EMC (Calamity)

KBar Epic Variant

This will amplify the damage done during headshots, although it does have the drawback of reducing damage done on lower body hits. Now keep in mind, it doesn’t need to be a headshot KILL, which can be very difficult to obtain, it just amplifies the damage done by a random headshot. This will dramatically improve the power of the gun, the KBar already kills in 3 shots up close. Combined with the fast fire rate of the KBar and this thing is an absolute DEATH MACHINE. Also comes with a free fore grip.

HVR Gemini

Unlocked by leveling the Sabre team mission 7 team to level 50. The variant may seem very unorthodox as it is dual wield HVR’s, however it fires incredibly fast and has very little recoil on its incredible hip fire accuracy. Since it suffers 0 range reduction from the akimbo, this gun can not only look super bad ass, but also be a complete BEAST.

Rack 9

This shotgun is a monster because it is a one shot headshot at any range, and two shot kill at any other range. It can be somewhat hard to use as it needs to pump after every shot. But this gun is a beast for clutch search and destroy battles.

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