DLC Packs Round 1

It’s that time of year that most avid call of duty fans hold their breath for, the release of the first DLC map pack! The first DLC is to be released January 31st, first to PS4, then to Xbox One and PC, (we are on xbox one, by the way, feel free to add me @DowntoaRed). The Call of Duty team has been reviewing the feedback and criticism provided by the fans and has been dropping in a lot of updates to the game recently. The most popular update recently has been the addition of tactical team death match. Usually the tactical prefix in call of duty game modes means 3 vs. 3 but this is the regular team death match, but featuring a boots on the ground gameplay, (still with wall running). This game mode will also include increased headshot damage. Update 1.06 also improved connection issues many players are having, as well as many gun patches. To hear more about this update check this video out by xJawz, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJXzHyANjHo&feature=youtu.be&a.

On to the New Maps!

Noir- This map is designed to be a dark, grimy city map in the future version of Brooklyn. It features cool Brooklyn landmarks such as the Brooklyn bridge and is filled with cafes and parks to further represent the heart of Brooklyn.

Neon- This map is very, very cool and could not be a better fit with the infinite warfare theme. It is designed to be a virtual training center for urban warfare. In this map, cars will randomly spawn out of nowhere and when you kill players they will dissipate into hundreds of polygons. This is a very cool futuristic map that I am very excited to play at.

Renaissance- This might be the coolest map I have ever seen in any video game ever. The Renaissance is an amazing illustration of Northern Italy where players will fight in the beautiful city of Venice. It features all sorts of amazing Italian landmarks and city accents. The map has a great hallway for sniper battles while also offering routes for submachine and shotgun players.

Dominion- This is the remake of Afghan from Modern Warfare 2 taken to Mars. It is designed the same as Afghan and it will be very cool and exciting to see how the movement system changes the style of play in the traditional map.

To read more about the DLC Packs check this article out from gamestop.com, http://www.gamespot.com/articles/call-of-duty-infinite-warfares-first-expansion-add/1100-6446425/

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