Understanding the Infinite Warfare Gun Store AKA Prototype Lab

Infinite Warfare has introduced a new concept to the call of duty franchise, the ability to craft weapons. By spending the new currency called, ‘Salvage’, you can upgrade guns and give yourself an advantage over other players. There are four different levels of guns you can upgrade, { Common, Rare, Legendary, and Epic }.

Common: 200 Salvage

Rare:         500 Salvage, (700 Salvage)

Legendary: 2000 Salvage (2k), (2700 Salvage)

Epic:          4000 Salvage (4k), (6700 Salvage)

Unfortunately, in order to get epic or legendary you will have to buy the proceeding upgrade, so ultimately you will have to add up the costs of all the previous upgrades to see the price for the one you want.

How Can I Get More Salvage?

Salvage is earned simply by completing games, however, there are some other ways to learn about earning Salvage and build it up faster.

Salvage can be earned through ranking up in the specific “Mission Team” you are enlisted in

Salvage can be found in Supply Drops

Salvage can be earned by destroying duplicate items received in Supply Drops

Salvage can be earned by logging in daily


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