How to Use Bots to Improve your Call of Duty Skills

Face it, the throne of the call of duty kingdom belongs to the grizzled veterans. The ones who have been playing call of duty religiously since Modern Warfare released in 2008. The people who spend night in and night out playing call of duty, no daysoff! Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, all day playing call of duty!!

Well, if you are a beginning player who just bought call of duty for the first time, playing against these kind of players can be INSANELY annoying. However, this guide is going to show you how to become a better player for complete beginners without dealing with the frustrating nature of online play.

Maybe you have discovered it because your internet connection was terrible, but in case you haven’t, there is something called local play that simulates the online game with CPU players, (pretty cool stuff). These players can range from complete idiots to the greatest players this world has ever seen. Playing in this mode is the best way to improve your movement and aiming skills so you can compete with the best in the online mode.

The Setup

If this is your first time, set the bot difficulty to “recruit”

For reference, recruit is very easy, regular is pretty decent, hardened is pretty difficult, (maybe even harder than the online game), and veteran is very, very difficult.
Map: Try a really small map at first so you can get a lot of reps fighting the robots.

Frontier, Genesis, Skydock.

Additional Tips

  • Try turning radar on, so you don’t have to waste any time trying to find them
  • Don’t use heavy powered kill streaks that will just steal your kills, set up with
    • UAV, Counter UAV, and advanced UAV
  • Use a scavenger perk so you don’t run out of bullets, or pick up the robots’ guns after you kill them
  • Try to jump and slide as much as you can to get familiarized with the movement system.
  • Try to move up the difficulty every now and then

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you become a better player and enjoy call of duty infinite warfare more!

We hope you enjoy the infinite warfare blog,!

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