Beast Mode

After playing Infinite Warfare for hours and hours on end, I have discovered a great way to enter BEAST MODE!

BEAST MODE: Going on massive kill streaks in a short amount of time, such as triple or quadruple kills

The best call of duty videos out there are dope. ass. montages. Those collection of clips where one guy gets 6 or 7 kills in about 30 seconds. Here is a strategy to help you unlock your inner beast mode and get fury kill after fury kill.

Shotgun / Assault Rifle/Sub Machine Gun

The strategy is to use a shotgun with no secondary. Make sure you have the dexterity perk enabled as well as gung-ho to help use the shotgun. Find a submachine or assault rifle and
pick it up as your secondary gun. Now you can fight with your shotgun, switch to your assault rifle when you run out of bullets, then you can use the claw after that to really unleash the craziest highlight of all time.

Try it, Record it, and Send it to Me! Good luck finding your BEAST MODE!! Thanks for reading!

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